Fab Wives Unfiltered

Fab Wives Unfiltered

The Fab Wives Unfiltered podcast brings together four dynamic wives who engage in real and unfiltered discussion surrounding various topics related to marriage and life as a wife.

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    Episode 40: How Influential is a Wife in her Husband's Life

    As a wife, we are the most influential person in our husband's life. But to what extent? We discuss the role of a wife and bring in hot topics such as Kanye West's April 2018 public meltdown and what role Kim K. plays in this as a wife. The topic of control vs influence is also discussed significantly in episode 40!

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    Episode 39: Married Men Don't Talk

    Getting your husband to open up and communicate can feel like pulling teeth most days! But why is that? We went directly to the source with this question and had a very lively discussion with Rodney Turner (1/3 of the talk show, Married Men Don't Talk). This is a must hear episode in better understanding your husband!

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    Episode 38: Balancing Business & The #fabwifelife

    Owners of Everything Girlz Love, April Daniels and Chyncia Rodgers join us for a special episode of Fab Wives Unfiltered. For the first time ever, the Fab Wives have an unfiltered chat about being entrepreneurs while balancing the dynamics of the #fabwifelife. Do we have the same 24 hours as Beyonce? Do we sometimes have to put our dreams on hold and can we really have it all? Are a few of the questions we address in episode 38!

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    Episode 36: Mental Health Issues in Marriage

    Mental Health Therapist, Alicia Cobb joins the Fab Wives in episode 35 to discuss mental health's impacts on marriages. Whether you're the spouse working through mental health issues or your on the side of dealing with a spouse with mental health issues, Alicia gives us insight on how mental health issues can impact a relationship and strategies for coping.

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    Episode 35: What Kind of Wife Are You?

    The Fab Wives take a break from their usual dialogue to quiz each other! What Kind of Wife are You? The questions are hilarious, thought-provoking and more! Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and take the quiz too!

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    Episode 34: Making Your Dream Home a Reality- Married Couples Edition

    Buying your dream home is an exciting time and a huge milestone for married couples! But how do you start? What if one of you have bad credit and how on earth can you find the compromise to buy a home that meets the needs and wants of you AND your spouse too? Your favorite neighborhood realtor, Brandy Byers answers these questions and more in episode 34 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast.

    To learn more about Brandy Byers visit: http://brandy.helenadamsrealty.com/ & connect with Brandy on Instagram @selling_theQC

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    Episode 33: Pillow Talk

    All couples have it and whether they want to admit it or not they love to have it as often as they can...PILLOW TALK!!! But the question the Fab Wives are answering in episode 33 is...Do you have the right to expect privacy or get mad when your friend(s) tell their husband your business?

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    Episode 32: Legacy Planning in Marriage

    It's a topic that's not discussed nearly enough. What should couples consider when planning for their legacy and death?
    NC Attorney, Raeneice Taltoan enlightens us on how to protect our legacies. In this episode, Raeneice shares the concept of D.I.M.E. - Death, Income, Mortgage, and Education.

    Learn more about Raeneice of R.V. Taltoan, PLLC http://www.rvtaltoan.com/about.html

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