Fab Wives Unfiltered

Fab Wives Unfiltered

The Fab Wives Unfiltered podcast brings together four dynamic wives who engage in real and unfiltered discussion surrounding various topics related to marriage and life as a wife.

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    Episode 50: Are you the Helper, Healer or Fixer? The importance of creating boundaries

    Certified Relationship Coach, Shaquan joins the podcast to discuss boundaries in marriage and asks, as a wife, are you the helper, healer, fixer, or possibly all three! We also dive into how to manage our frustrations when our spouse is not pulling his weight and Coach Shaquan leaves us with three valuable ways to create boundaries: 1. Ownership 2. Responsibility 3. Freedom

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    Episode 48: Sex and Self-Care with Shawna

    Fab Wife, Pure Romance Consultant, and Sexpert, Shawna Cook joins us to chat about sex and self-care as wives. Sex is not all about pleasing your man! Shawna talks about wives getting yours too and enjoying the bedroom acts just as much, if not more than your hubby!

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    Episode 47: Why Agreeing to Disagree Isn't Always the Best Thing in Marriage

    We've been taught that sometimes resolving conflict means we need to become comfortable with the concept of agreeing to disagree...Laura Gethers of Love Harder Marriage Coaching joins the podcast to discuss why this is not always the best approach in marriage. She also leaves the ladies with an unexpected gem regarding creating a marital mission statement to thrive in your marriage!

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    Episode 46: Why Married Sex is Wayyyyy Better Than Single Sex!

    Boring, routine, and mundane have been a few of the words used to describe married sex...but the Fab Wives challenge the perception of what married sex looks like and shares why married sex is actually wayyyy better than single-sex...or at least why it should be!

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    Episode 45: Does Being Married Turn You Into a Bad Friend?

    After walking down the aisle, your marriage becomes your first priority. Things change and relationships change too. BUT, does that mean that being married can turn you into a bad friend? The Fab Wives chat and even debate a bit about this topic in episode 45.

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    Episode 44: What it Really Means to Leave and Cleave in Marriage

    In episode 44, the Fab Wives discuss what it really means to leave and cleave in a marriage. Joined by special guest, Katherine Shorter of Yoked (yoked.com), we discuss why husbands have a difficult time with this concept and how we as wives can navigate the frustrations that may come with having a spouse who struggles with setting boundaries with his family.

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