Fab Wives Unfiltered

Fab Wives Unfiltered

The Fab Wives Unfiltered podcast brings together four dynamic wives who engage in real and unfiltered discussion surrounding various topics related to marriage and life as a wife.

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    Episode 23: The Changing Reasons Why Women Cheat

    In response to an October 5, 2017 CNN article, "The Changing Reasons Why Women Cheat," the Fab Wives discuss their perspective on the increasing number of wives cheating on their spouse. Expectations, marital needs and more are covered in this lively discussion.

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    Episode 19: What to do When You're Tired of Being the Bigger Person

    Marriage has no room for pride or ego. Sometimes it takes being the bigger person when you're faced with challenging times. But what do you do when you're simply tired of being the bigger person in your marriage? In episode 19 of the Fab Wives Unfiltered Podcast, the wives discuss being the bigger person, managing through petty moments and more!

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